Classes at Spotlight Drama

Weekly group drama classes:

There are 8 lessons per term.

Bergvliet Classes:

Venue: Moth Hall, Children’s Way, Bergvliet

Group 1: 4pm - 5pm (grades1-3)
Group 3: 5pm - 6pm (grades 7-8)

Group 2: 5pm - 6pm (grades 4-6)
Group 4: 6pm - 7pm (grades 9-12)

Contact Debbie: 083 308 6283

Micklefield School Classes:

Venue: School Hall

Group 1: Grades 3-5
Group 2: Grades 6-7

Time: See school newsletter

Kirstenhof Primary School Classes:

Venue: School Hall

Group 1: Grade 1
Group 2: Grade 2

Group 3: Grades 5 - 7

Time: To be confirmed

Oakley House Classes:

During school time

Westerford Classes:

Venue: Studio B

Group 1: Grades 8-11

Time: See school newsletter

Eisteddfod Classes

A drama Eisteddfod is usually held in June every year. Spotlight trains those who would like to enter as an individual, pairs or in groups.

Students attend an additional lesson from March – June.

Entries are decided on an annual basis with each group.

Bergvliet Eisteddfod Class times:

Mondays: 6 - 7pm
Wednesdays: 7 - 8pm

Spotlight Drama Studio

Trinity Exam Training:

While all children at Spotlight Drama Studio benefit from the weekly general classes there are some students who are more serious about their drama and wish to take it further. For those students, Spotlight offers an extra class a week and prepares students for their practical drama exams through the Trinity College of London. This is an exciting syllabus as it presents each student with an opportunity to work on a programme that is unique to their personality and style and allows them to perform and receive an internationally recognised grade. There are 8 grades or levels, and a student should aim to attain their Grade 8 Drama or Speech and Drama Level by the time they reach School Grade 11 or 12.

More information regarding these exams can be found on Trinity College of London’s Website.

Deborah has been entering students for the last 15 years with a 100% pass rate. 2020 posed the extra challenge of the exams going digital, but all her candidates received Distinctions none the less.

There is a face-to-face exam session in October, but now, with the Digital option as well, things are more flexible as the candidate is able to take their exam when ever they are ready throughout the year.

More information regarding possible class times (either online or face time) and fees (tuition and exam entrance) can be gained from contacting Deborah on 0833086283.