Classes at Spotlight Drama

Weekly group drama classes:

There are 8 lessons per term.

Bergvliet Classes:

Venue: Moth Hall, Children’s Way, Bergvliet

Group 1: 4 - 5pm (grades 1-4)
Group 4: 5 - 6pm (grades 6-7)

Group 2: 4 - 5pm (grades 4-5)
Group 3: 5 - 6pm (grades 7-9)
Group 5: 6 - 7pm (grade 10-12)

Contact Debbie: 083 308 6283

Newlands Classes:

Venue: Cub Hall, Newlands

Group 1: 4 - 5pm (grades 1-7)

Contact Laurie: 079 213 5029

Micklefield School Classes:

Venue: School Hall

(Starting and ending 15 minutes later in terms 2 and 3)

Group 1:  2:45pm - 3:45pm (grades 4-5)
Group 2:  3:45pm - 4:45pm (grades 6-7)

Kirstenhof Primary School Classes:

Venue: School Hall

Group 1: 1:30pm - 2:15pm (grades 1-2)
Group 2: 2:30pm - 3:30pm (grades 3-4)
Group 3: 3:30pm - 4:30pm (grades 5-7)

Auburn House School Classes:

Venue: School Hall

Group 1: 2:30pm - 3:30pm (grades 3-6)

Spotlight Drama Studio

Eisteddfod Classes

The Cape Town Eisteddfod is held in June every year. Spotlight trains those who would like to enter as an individual, pairs or in groups.

Students attend an additional lesson from March – June.

Fees: R900( for 10 lessons) + an entrance fee of R180 which is paid to the Eisteddfod on your behalf.

Bergvliet Eisteddfod Class times:

Mondays: 6 - 7pm
Wednesdays: 7 - 8pm

Newlands Eisteddfod Class times:

Thursdays: 5 - 6pm

Trinity Exam Training:

Students may also be trained to take the Trinity College Speech and Drama Grade exams: (Grade1-8)

These are internationally recognised and are an indication as to the level the student has  attained in performance drama and are advantageous when applying for tertiary positions.

Classes are held from over two semesters for seniors (March to October) and one semester for intermediates and juniors (June to October):


Jns: level/grade 1-3 - Time to be advised

Int: level/grades 4-5 - Mondays: 6-7pm

Snrs: level/grades 6-8 - Wednesdays: 7-8pm




An additional entrance Exam fee is payable to the Trinity College (see their website for details).

In 2017 all 11  Trinity students achieved distinctions (85%+)and 5 students made the Trinity Honours list for achieving over 90%.

Spotlight Drama Studio